Solution to Puzzle #198: The Neural Network Puzzle

This was a difficult puzzle, even though it was seemingly simple. I did get attempts from a few people, but the only correct answer came from Gaurav S (founder of – thanks and well done Gaurav!

The site from where I took this puzzle had many  correct answers, most of these were largely a bit of trial and error. One solution, which I modified a little, is as follows:

For each of the output node, if the desired input for firing is X, Y, Z (each of these being either a 0 or a 1), design the weights as:

  • -1 if the input should be 0
  • 1 if the input should have been 1

When you do this, you get an input output matrix as follows:

Puzzle #198 Solution

Puzzle #198 Solution

If we keep the threshold to be just below the thresholds mentioned in the table, you will get the desires output.

Hope you all enjoyed the solution!

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