Solution to Puzzle #200: Achieve Your GOAL

Friends, this is a bittersweet moment for me. This is the last post for some time, until I decide to pick up the threads again. Thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful journey for the last 5 years.

This was a simple puzzle and many of you sent me correct answers. Here are the first 5 to respond, each of whom have been sent an Amazon gift coupon.

Gourav Sharma – 6.45 pm Oct 29

Suman Saraf – 6.49 pm Oct 29

Deepak Kumar Singh – 6.56 pm Oct 29

Kartik Aggarwal – 11.38 pm Oct 29

Abdul Hakeem – 6.09 am Oct 30

I am copying the answer from one of the respondents. Thanks again to my daughter, Arushi Sharma Goyal, for contributing this puzzle.

Puzzle #200 Solution

Puzzle #200 Solution

Hope you all enjoyed the puzzle!

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1 Response to Solution to Puzzle #200: Achieve Your GOAL

  1. Senthil Kumar VS says:

    Thanks Alok for this interesting blog and I wish you resume soon out of this sabbatical.
    -Senthil VS

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