Solution to Puzzle #15: The Early Commuter

I liked this puzzle because there is a seeming lack of data. When I came across this puzzle in February this year, I kept getting lost in too many variables! I got many correct answers and more comments than for any other puzzle to date. As in many cases, special mention for Tishyaa for having completed this puzzle correctly – sorry not mentioning all the adults who solved the problem!

Here is the answer – 55 minutes.

Since the couple arrives home 10 minutes earlier than usual, this means that the wife has chopped 10 minutes from her usual travel time to and from the station. Which means she chopped 5 minutes from her travel time to the station, which also means that she must have met her husband at 4.55 pm. Therefore, her husband must have walked for 55 minutes.

Note that one does not need to know the distance from home to the station, or the speed at which the wife drives the car or the speed at which the man walks.

Hope you enjoyed!


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