Solution to Puzzle #35: Staying Alive in a Desert

I got a lot of responses to this puzzle, one of the highest responses I have had ever. Also, most of the answers were correct, and had a similar theme. The answer does not necessarily require a video, and hence giving the answer in text itself. Before I do that though, just wanted to recognize the first few correct answers – Anku Jain, Brahman Rattan, Ruchir Godura and Hans Chung were the first ones to come back with the correct answers – thanks!

The solution effectively lies in reducing the “granularity” of the pills – divide the three pills in your hand into half each and call the parts left half and right half. Put all the left half together (left bundle) and the right half together (right bundle). Take another pill A, divide into two halves, and take one half of this pill with the left bundle on Day 1, take the other half of Pill A with the right bundle on Day 2 and the remaining two pills on Day 3.

Some people also gave a similar answer, where instead of dividing into two halves, they suggested that we crush the pills, make them into a powder, mix and then take. This is also correct.

Hope you enjoyed the puzzle and survived the desert!


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