Puzzle #37: Four 9’s and 100

This one is a relatively easy one and something that can be attempted by folks of all age groups. I picked it up on the internet from the following site: http://www.puzzles2puzzleu.com/

You have four 9’s and you may use any of the (+, -, /, *,.) as many times as you like.

Can you make an expression which gives a result of 100 by using four 9s and any arithmetic operators? If yes how many such expressions can you make?

As always, please send your answers to alokgoyal_2001@yahoo.com and if you like the puzzle, please share it with others.

Happy number crunching!




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1 Response to Puzzle #37: Four 9’s and 100

  1. Hi Alok,

    This is Bala, your ex-colleague from SAP.
    Nice puzzles :-). I got at least one way to achieve 100 = 99 + 9 / 9.


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