Solution to Puzzle #66: All The King’s Wine

Got the most hits to the puzzle site this week for 2014…thanks!

I got many correct answers, though the one I loved the most was from Anavi Baddepudi, a 10 year old from Singapore. From the answer, it seemed that she did not know the binary system, but devised a method whereby she gave a combination of wines to each servant and from the servants which die, you could point to a unique bottle…very well done.

As it so happens, her brother, Anirudh was the only one amongst children to solve, and solved it right. Very well done both of you!

Others who solved…Alok Mittal, Alok Kuchlous, Santosh, Aman Singla and Pankaj Kakkar…some of the brightest minds I know! Reproducing Aman’s answer:

Give each wine bottle a unique number 0 to 1023 (you can do this for1024 bottles) written in binary. Assign each servant a unique location 1 to 10 corresponding to bit location. Servant must take a sip of wine from each bottle where his assigned bit location is 1. Number of poisoned bottle spelled out by dead servants being 1, and live being 0.

Also attaching a video link to a more detailed answer for children:

Hope you all enjoyed the puzzle!


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