Puzzle #69: CAT a Century!

This is a wonderful 2-minute teaser I picked up from Martin Gardner’s “The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems”. In the end of the book he has a chapter titled “Twelve More Brain Teasers”, which has 12 problems he liked after he had stopped writing the monthly column for Scientific American.

Puzzle 69

Puzzle 69

In the graphic above, 9 toothpicks are arranged to form a 100. Can you change 100 to CAT by altering the position of just two picks?

Happy catting!


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4 Responses to Puzzle #69: CAT a Century!

  1. Mihir says:

    Hey Alok,

    Best I can do is give you a mirror image of CAT! Take the bottom toothpick of the middle zero and move it midway up to make an A. Take the left toothpick of the second zero and place on top of the 1 horizontally to form a T!

    Hope all is well.



  2. Praveen Baddepudi says:

    From last zero remove bottom stick horizontally to the center left of 1. Move the left vertical stick from 0 in middle inwards. Flip image horizontally to left. To form “CAT”

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