Puzzle #84: Reason Without Equations

Two very cute number problems I found which can be solved without any equations. If adults are trying it, they should keep a time limit of 2 minutes, though children are free to take as much time as they need. The puzzle has been taken from the book “The Moscow Puzzles” by Boris A. Kordemsky (edited by Martin Gardner), Puzzle #281.

1. A two digit number, read from right to left, is 4 1/2 times as large as from left to right. What is it?

2. The product of four consecutive integers is 3,024. What are the integers?

As always, please send your answers directly to me at alokgoyal_2001@yahoo.com. If you have any interesting puzzles to share with others, please send them to me as well.

Happy number crunching!

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2 Responses to Puzzle #84: Reason Without Equations

  1. Pravin.Panchagnula says:

    18 and 81 for the first anwer
    6,7,8,9 for the second

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