Solution to Puzzle #104: Togglers Puzzle

Apologies for an inordinate delay in posting the answer to this puzzle. I was on vacation with children over the last 3 weekends 🙂

This was a very interesting, though a slightly difficult puzzle. I got 4 correct answers from Akshay Joshi, Jyotsana Dube, Maneesh Dube and Suman Saraf – congratulations! Answers from everyone were the same, I am reproducing the answer from Maneesh Dube, who captured it most succinctly.

The first question is going to be-“are you a toggler?”. There are two possible answers that the person can give:

1. If answer was a “No”, then you know that your next answer will be true (no matter who you ask). Your next question will be-“who is the truth teller?”

2. If answer is “Yes”, then you know that it is a toggler because the truth teller will say no. You know that your next answer will be a lie. So your next question will be-“who are not the truth tellers?”

Akshay, also added a note in his answer with a link to another source which is a similar puzzle, please do check it out.

“I think you should checkout the Knight and Knaves
puzzle by Smullyan (and its numerous variants) which is similar to
this puzzle. (Link attached)

Hope you all enjoyed the puzzle!

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