Solution to Puzzle #115: The First Rabbit

Thanks for an overwhelming response again to the rabbit puzzle. Anyone who responded, did so with the correct answer! Some people did not send any explanation, amongst those who did, I like the simplicity of the answer from Prakhar, Salil Panikkaveenttil and Suman Saraf. Others to send the answers included Anshul, Suhars Praneeth Kumar, Pradeep Malviya, Garima Rai, Chandu Karan and Puzzleduniya. Well done all, and thank you Anisha for asking me this puzzle.

The answer is spotted. We know that no matter who reproduces, each reproduction creates an equal number of grays and whites. If the first rabbit was either gray or white, then the difference in number of gray and white rabbits will be 1, whereas we know that they are equal. Hence the first rabbit can only be Spotted.

Hope you all enjoyed the puzzle!

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