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Puzzle #185: Marker on a 9×9 Board

This is a wonderful puzzle, this time from a relatively lesser used source – A Moscow Math Circle, Week by week Problem Sets, by Sergey Dorichenko. One marker is placed in the center of a 9×9 board. Anisha and Arushi … Continue reading

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Puzzle #159:Winning Strategy with Coins

This is a beautiful puzzle contributed by an ex-entrepreneur, Prateek Agarwal, who I met a few weeks back – thanks Prateek. You and your friend are playing a turn based game. There is a circular table of diameter 10cm and … Continue reading

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Solution to Puzzle #25: Eleven Matches

I got a lot of answers for this puzzle. Some worthy mentions include Rohit Gupta, Ruchir Godura and Jyotsana Dube. Among children, only Anisha Sharma Goyal solved this one. Reason I liked the puzzle so much is that if you … Continue reading

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Puzzle #25: Eleven Matches

This is a very nice “game puzzle” and I would encourage all of you to actually play the game, especially children. The puzzle is from “The Moscow Puzzles” by Boris A. Kordemsky, Chapter X. This puzzle is relevant for all … Continue reading

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