Solution to Puzzle #163: The “Hatke” Puzzle

This was a truly “hatke”or a “wierd” puzzle. Unfortunately as it turned out the answer is not very elegant and not very “correct” either. That said, it was a good exercise to exercise the brain, and I got the best attempt from Suman Saraf. I will nonetheless reproduce what the original creator of the puzzle had intended.

It unifies the three conventional functions of reasoning: verbal, numerical and spatial. The solution is a single English word.
The operators work as follows –
: : = “is to”
:: = “as”
Ex. a : b :: 1 : 2
Verbal Associations are solved by finding the term or word to unify the given clues.
Ex. Row, Float, Sail = Boat
On the left hand side, once can see that the two triangle figures are merged and multiplied. Similarly, the two colors are merged as well and the lower letters multiplied:
f – stands for 6
h – stands for 8
multiplied – we get 48 modulo 26, we get 22, which stands for “v”
Right had side –  Inertia and Critical signify “Mass”
Change and Momentum signify “Acceleration”
Mass x Acceleration = FORCE

Force is therefore the final answer!

Hope you enjoyed the puzzle!

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